Separating on Facebook

Posted: June 24, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Marriage is a private matter, however we are living in a time where our lives are being lived out and documented on social media. I find that when people learn I am separated they are so shocked that they didn’t read about it on facebook. Sorry but I don’t intend to let anyone who calls me a “facebook friend” be privy to the play by play of my heartbreak. I don’t need that and neither do my children. It may seem hypocritical that I am then writing on a blog, which is a public space but there is some anonymity here, I do need some form of outlet and more than both of those, I know there are others out there who understand and can relate. Hopefully they find this and we can help each other.

There are some things in life that though you can empathize, you can not understand. Can someone who has not experienced childbirth really have any concept of what it feels like to have the muscles contract so fiercely or a head pass through your cervix? I have found this to be the same with separation. Every mother has their own birth story and even between their own children their stories are different. The same is true here but we can all understand the pain  that is experienced.

A lot of it is the little things, the things he used to do that I have to do now.  The changes that have to be made to finances, the schedule, my mind. Organizing a drawer and finding more things that now have to go to a different home. There are so many things I never had thought of that people have to go through when the marriage comes apart. You would not fully grasp it unless you have lived it.

In the public you only have a right to the information I deem appropriate to release. This means that I need to understand that your comments can be are hurtful because you don’t know all the information. It also means that when you are privy to information you are careful where you share that information and that most importantly you do not judge. It’s hopeful you have no idea what this is like.


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