Strong People

Posted: August 18, 2013 in Uncategorized
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People have commented to me at various times in my life how strong I am. To be honest there are times that I almost feel it is dismissive to the struggle I was going through at the time, Like, Oh she’ll be fine because she’s so strong.

I do think I am a strong person however:

Strong people hurt

Strong people bleed

Strong people doubt

Strong people struggle

I have battled with mild depression at times. I have had suicidal thoughts enter my mind in my life. I have made bad choices and hurt others, including myself.

What defines me as strong is that the majority of the time, in spite of the current circumstance, strong people do what they need to do. They make the tough calls. They don’t shy away from a challenge or obstacle. They work their way through the pain and the fear.

It is not the absence of these things that makes us strong, it is our willingness and perseverance to endure them. It’s in all of us. There is no one who could not be strong. Strong is a choice.


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