Gossip Garbage

Posted: February 11, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Well I guess I should find it flattering that you find my life so interesting that you need to talk about it?

Funny but I don’t.

If you “heard about me or my breakup” why can’t you say that directly to me. Why can’t you ask how I am doing? Why can’t you offer to help? Because your shallow – that’s my only conclusion.

Gossip is nothing new but its so destructive and hurtful and it makes me want to scream. Why can we not talk to people or say things to their face. Honestly why is it any of your business to talk about who I am no longer sleeping with or who you think I am? That’s my bedroom – does yours suck that bad you have to worry about other people’s?

Other people call you their friend but when you post a status about needing a date for a fundraiser they run to your x to tell them. Guess you felt stupid when he said, yes I know and she’s taking her best friend – a girl. Like what was the thought there? Clearly you could see that actually had the potential to really hurt him if I was looking for an actual “date.” Funny that our openness and honesty made your plan backfire in your face.

JUST STOP IT! We are adults not children – clearly not all of us grew up.

If you don’t have something nice to say…..



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