New Things For Christmas

Posted: December 18, 2014 in Uncategorized


I finally did it this year. For the last few years I have bought a few things for myself to wrap and put under the tree but they have never made it there. I have two things this year that I bought and am pretending are from my kids. I even got them to wrap one and it was really cute because my daughter kept saying, “no peeking.” As though I could forget purchasing it myself.

It is nice to have things to unwrap but my daughter notices these things. She gets so sad when I don’t have presents like they do so this is as much for her as it is for me.

It’s going to be an odd Christmas this year because there is no family dinner for us to attend, but that means it’s a year to start new things. I like new things.

I ordered a gluten free cake that says “happy birthday Jesus”. I have never done that because I always thought it was really cheesy, but I like cake and didn’t buy one for my birthday so I decided to do it now. My kids also don’t care if we eat turkey for dinner. I refuse to slave all day over one just to have to clean it all up five minutes later because my kids would rather play with toys. We’ll probably have pizza. I have a few other ideas that are coming together.

Hopefully it will be a day of new things with my favourite people on earth. We’ll keep what we like for next year and scrap anything we don’t. That’s how we roll now.


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